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Standard 4

Standard:    The school has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students.

The district has resources that are allocated in a manner to provide services in all schools that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students. An appropriate number of highly qualified personnel is supported by the financial and human resource departments required to fulfill the vision, mission, and goals of the district. An annual budget is prepared and implemented that provides for income from regular sources to fund expenditures for regular school district activities, while there are ongoing efforts to acquire additional supplemental funds through state and federal agencies to support improving student achievement.

A fully qualified maintenance staff is employed by the district to ensure the environment is safe, healthy, and conducive to teaching and learning. By employing its own maintenance personnel, the district manages and allocates appropriate resources to facilities and sites for educational programs and services throughout the district and individual schools.

The district provides an inclusive program of information and media services that are aligned with its belief, mission, and goals. Instructional time, material resources, and fiscal resources are sufficient to support the purpose and direction of the district. Instructional time is protected in policies and practices. District and school administrators work collaboratively to secure materials and fiscal resources to meet the needs of all students, creating a valuable district. Grade level appropriate curriculum is implemented by school administrators and instructional personnel aligned with instructional focus calendars that focus on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and students' needs.

A sufficient number of qualified personnel is employed to fulfill the district's mission and goals. Policies and procedures ensure the district and school administrators have access to recruit hire, and retain qualified personnel. All policies and procedures are on the district's website and are clearly defined to cover recruitment, retention, and performance pay. A pool application press was created for all teaching position.

Facilities, services, and equipment are available to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all students and staff. The district complies with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations; employs its own custodial staff at each facility and provides training on the use of equipment and supplies; contracts with external agencies to provide comprehensive safety inspections of each facility once per year(fire casualty, sanitation, crisis response, and safety) and develop a report for the state fire marshal's office; and allows the local county health department to conduct inspections twice per year for casualty, sanitation, and safety. All facilities have received upgrades within the last three years.

The strategic plan addresses strategic resource management that includes both short and long range planning in support of the purpose and direction of the district. The improvement of student achievement is the primary focus of the allocation of fiscal resources. Data is gathered annually assisting in the decision-making process. Budget reviews and strategic decisions for resource allocation are conducted annually at the district office and by specified program directors. There are on-going efforts to acquire supplemental funds through state and federal agencies to support improved student achievement, maintenance, and expansion of funding to support innovation, especially in regards to technology. Through the use of supplemental funding from SIG 1003a, SIG 1003g, and Title 1 Part A, the district has purchased and supported several millions of dollars on technology over the last three years.

Educational programs are coordinated and evaluated for effectiveness of information resources and related personnel to support teaching and learning throughout the district. The district provides, coordinates, and evaluates the effectiveness of information resources and related personnel to ensure all students and instructional personnel and staff have access to the media and information resources necessary to achieve the educational programs of the district and its schools. The district implements and evaluates processes to ensure qualified personnel are recruited, hired, and retained in sufficient numbers to assist students, schools, and system personnel on using the tools and locations for finding/retrieving information.

An adequate technology infrastructure and equipment supports the district's teaching, learning, and operational needs. The system provides a modern, fully functional technology infrastructure as well as modern updated equipment. A qualified technical support staff meets the teaching, learning, and operational needs of all stakeholders throughout the system. System and school personnel collect data concerning needs and use the results to develop and implement a technology plan that will continuously improve technology services, infrastructure, and equipment.

The district has designed and implemented programs to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of all students. Measures are in place and evaluation processes exist to include documentation and policies. There is a high level of priority assigned to providing students with the support needed for academic success and prepare them for a postsecondary training and/or careers. Deeper data analysis by all stakeholders is still needed and could be reached if more staff were trained to compare data to actual school-wide plans and expected outcomes in an effort to determine effectiveness and/or impact.

The district has fully implemented accountable system in terms of student performance, counseling, assessment, referral, educational, and career planning as specified in Florida Statues. Based on the Student Progression Plan, programs are in place to address the needs of all students. Personalized success plans are developed and implemented during middle school, which are designed to help students identify educational goals, along wit possible academic career paths. Dual enrollments opportunities permit some students to pursue AA degrees while enrolled in high school. A variety of supplemental services are offered to provide for students with special needs as well as the incorporation of success plans in students' individual educational plan(IEP), 504 and/or ESOL plans.