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Standard 5

Standard:    The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement.

Some areas that James A. Shanks Middle School accelerates are establishing and maintaining a clearly defined and comprehensive assessment system (Indicator 5.1) and continually engaging in verifiable improvements in student learning and their success at the next level (Indicator 5.4). As a school, we plan to continue this process by consistently making everyone in the organization aware of the significance of the comprehensive assessment structure and how it has assisted in the improvements in learning for our students. Consistency with the structure of our meetings will prepare staff members mentally for the business of the organization; that is, improving learning for students.

James A. Shanks Middle School lacks in the areas of continuously collecting, analyzing, and applying learning from a range of data sources (Indicator 5.2), training the staff on evaluating, interpreting, and using data (Indicator 5.3), and monitoring and communicating comprehensive information about student learning to stakeholders (Indicator 5.5). Although we are weak in these areas, we are making strides to improve.

For instance, staff members who are exemplary in data analysis periodically work with other staff members to interpret and make decisions on instruction based on results. The school is also beginning to utilize the Performance Matters system to make the data process of collecting, analyzing, and applying learning from findings into daily instruction as systematic as possible. In addition, the school is making strong efforts in the communication of student learning to all stakeholders.