School Colors: Orange & Black 
School Mascot: Tiger 

School Hours: 8:30 am -3:30 pm 

Supervision begins at 8:00 am

School Bus Information 

Information regarding bus routes, drivers, and neighborhood pick up and drop off times and places can be obtained by calling the Gadsden District Transportation Office at 850-875-8895. At Shanks, busses are assigned a number code so that students know their bus route by a bus number.


James A. Shanks Middle School is located in Gadsden County, a rural county in the Panhandle, 16 miles west of the state capital. James A. Shanks Middle School is the home of the "Tigers," where teaching and learning take center stage.

Teachers and students of Carter-Parramore Middle School moved to the James A. Shanks High School site in August 2003. The facility became available when its teachers and students moved to occupy the newly constructed East Gadsden High School. The school then became known as James A. Shanks Middle School. The facility is not new; it was built in 1970.

James A. Shanks Middle School serves students in grades 4-8 from four feeder schools: George Munroe Elementary, Stewart Street Elementary, Gretna Elementary, St. John Elementary, and Gadsden Elementary Magnet School.  Diverse activities include academic, service and honors clubs, as well as athletics. Additional offerings include physical education, music, and vocational classes.

Currently, the total enrollment is 539 students in grades 6-8. Our student population is made up of 79% Black, 2% White, 18% Hispanic and 1% other. Approximately 85.03% of James A. Shanks Middle School students qualify for free or reduced meals. Our exceptional education and ELL populations are 12% and 3%, respectively. These populations include exceptionalities ranging from gifted to language impaired.

The educational level of our staff ranges from Bachelors to Doctoral Degrees. Thirty-five teachers are found within Shanks' perimeters providing unique courses of study at regular, intensive and advanced levels covering a range of choices within each department. Other instructional personnel include 2 guidance counselors, 1 media specialist, a reading coach and a behavioral specialist. The student/teacher ratio is at the state requirements. The administrative staff includes three administrators.

Business and community partners play a vital part in helping us meet the needs of our students. Current partners include: City of Quincy (Government and Recreation); Florida State University, College of Education; Tallahassee Community College CROP and Talent Search programs, Flagler College, Florida A & M University, College of Education.

 Grade 4 5 6 7
 Number 112 84 211 148 143

Total Number of Students Enrolled:700